Blog Post #6: Sunglasses

Eskimo_snowgoggles Whn 800px-Aldrin_Apollo_11_head 800px-Paul_Newman_in_Carnation,_Washington_June_2007

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Blog Post #5

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Mall pictures

Food Court


True Religion

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Blog Post #4

The mall’s architecture shows a kind of sophistication with its arches, angles, and rails. I imagine myself as being in some memorial place in England because it resembles their architecture. The lighting is mostly natural light throughout the day and when that is accompanied with the opaque white walls, gives off a sense of purity and sophistication. The people that walk around all have their own reason for being here. Some come to relax and socialize with friends while others are here strictly for business. Several are carrying shipping bags with a cheerful look on their faces, indicating a good day. Fictitious people on the walls and posters tell of their individuality and beauty. They are the representative samples that were chosen to further elicit you to going into their store by posing in specific ways to show off their merchandise.

I think the makes of Valley Fair Mall designed it to fit the need of the young female adult as the ideal consumer. The majority are white and female. There is an excess of female clothing stores in the vicinity. Stores like Forever 21, Johnny Was, True Religion, and Chapel all demonstrate the ideal customer.

The society is made of young professionals who are eager to help the customer. They usually play on equil grounds as they ask questions and try their best on better increasing the customer’s experience with the store. These different groups are structured bu their clothing. Salespersons wear a specific color at the Microsoft store, while the people that are in power wear a different bolder color, like yellow or orange.

The people who are challenging the norm are the people that aren’t walking around and socializing. They are sitting down doing work at a mall. They are usually older, more refined persons and are not fulfilling the public norm of the mall, where people gather to socialize not work.

Store 1: Microsoft: The products here are all manufactured by Microsoft and are all authentic. The store is creating a friendly, lively atmosphere with multiple employees walking around eager to help an awaiting customer. The brand of Microsoft is a very big brand name and it helps boost the reputation of Valley Fair Mall for being one of the few Microsoft stores in the area. The people that are being included are usually the technologically knowledgeable  Ones who are avid technology users that would like to have the latest gear, such as teenagers and young adults. The people being excluded from Microsoft are the ones uninterested in updating technology or the ones who have an interest towards other companies, such as the Apple store several meters away. The atmosphere is very electronic and clean helps those what are included more involved in the technology movement.

Store 2: True Religion Jeans: This store sells jeans and apparel coexisting with jeans. The workers are sparse but that is probably mainly caused by the low number of customers. Because True Religion is such a big brand name and is highly respected in the industry, it is a very valued store in Valley Fair Mall. But because it is so highly valued, their prices are sky high. And due to the prices, their main targets are for middle-aged men and women who have substantial income.

Store 3: Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a very big department store. Because it is so big, they have a lot of employees working there. Nordstrom’s merchandise consists of brand names that are highly sought after. Because Nordstrom takes such a large part of the mall, it is very valued for the services that it sells. The store sells a lot of expensive brand names such as Chanel, Louis Vuiton and others. These expensive prices limit the range of customers to middle-aged women who can actually afford the $200+ dresses and apparel. Nordstrom is clearly more targeted towards women than men, indicated by the very small space allocated for men’s clothing, in comparison to the space for women.

The eateries of Valley Fair Mall are mostly located in the general food court area, where a lot of customers gather in order to eat. They have different kinds of food ranging from Korean to pizza. They are placed on the outside perimeter of the mall so that when one views the front  one can also view other eaters that surround it and choose from the variety. The different cuisines represent the coming together of cultures and ethnicity in order to provide customers with a nice eating experience. It reveal that the inhabitants of Valley Fair Mall are multicultural and might prefer something specific.

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Blog Post #3

After having watched Feminist’s Frequency’s short video on the application of the Bechdel Test on modern Hollywood movies, I have come to the realization that the minority of women is underrepresented. Women have very inferior roles in movies, when compared to the male counterpart. The Bechdel Test focuses on the occurrence of three criteria throughout the movie. They are: to have at least two named female characters, to have dialogue between them, and for the dialogue to not be about males. This seems like a fairly weak test, but surprisingly not a lot of movies pass it, regardless if it was a good one or not.

I have conducted the Bechdel Test myself on the ten movies that I have come to have watched over the course of the past 2 years. Starting off, I recently watched the movie Man On A Ledge, from Redbox. This movie fails to pass the test because although it has multiple women of name in the film, there is not a scene where the female characters have any contact with one another.

During the summer, I proceeded to watch Prometheus at the drive-ins. This movie passed the low bar test. The film has three female characters that discuss about their mission and the investigation of the alien humanoid’s remains that they had found (which isn’t a man, but a genderless alien).

I went to the drive-ins a couple of days after that and watched Ted, after hearing about its comical richness. However, Ted does not pass the Bechdel Test. During the movie, the two named characters, Lori and Tammy-Lynn, do engage in conversation together, but on the subject of a male.

Another drive-in trip takes me to watch The Vow, the chick flick people have been raving about. This movie surprisingly passed all criteria, even if briefly. They have various female characters participate in speaking to one another about university, not about a man.

I recently went to watch ParaNorman, a beautifully animated movie. This movie does not pass however. It has a pair of female characters, but neither of them ever take part in conversating with the other.

Bridesmaids, a hilarious film about a wedding, passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors. Although the conversation of the several women talking about the wedding, which leads back to the man, there has also been scenes where the ladies talk about something other than a man, more specifically puppies.

The Dark Knight Rises, the last of the dark knight trilogy, was clearly one of the best films of the year, with the supreme acting, story line  and the computer generated imagery. Shockingly enough, the test fails to have passed the Bechdel Test. Although there are multiple women that show up throughout the film, only one had actually been named. Therefore, it doesn’t fulfill all of the needed requirements of the Bechdel Test.

In the movie Fast Five, the fifth installation of the Fast & Furious series, there are a pair of women that do interact with one another. However, they only discuss about a man, with having no relevance to the story.

The movie Friends With Benefits was a very fun and entertaining movie. You would think that the movie utterly fail the Bechdel Test because of the title of the movie. But actually, there is a scene where Jamie, the main female protagonist, engages in a conversation with her mother about their vacation during the Fourth of July. Friends With Benefits surprisingly passes the test.

I think I watched the movie The Green Hornet last year. Although it was very comical, their is only one female character that is named. Cameron Diaz was the only female in the film so therefore the movie does not pass the Bechdel Test.

After conducting the Bechdel Test of a number of recent films that were produced and those that I had actually watched and enjoyed myself, I have come to the realization that I have never noticed nor really paid attention to the roles of women in the films that do have substance. Women are represented as being inferior and to be not as significant so a successful movie than the role of the man does. Although the Bechdel Test seems like an easy test that you would assume most movies would pass with ease, in reality most movies don’t make the cut, unless the movie was a female centered and concentrated movie.

Rookie writer Tavi writes about how issues that women face on a daily basis. They are constantly harassed about their body, even without their consent. They undergo catcalls, bootychecking, insensitive name-calling, and malicious rumors. Men, not being in the same situation of the women, deem that it should be appreciated to be constantly harassed about being beautiful or not. But they are just being ignoramuses because they don’t understand the kind of lifestyle and pain that women have to endure their whole lives. Tavi’s post illustrates and reestablishes that women are indeed the minority.

Alaya Dawn Johnson proposes that the same Bechdel test could also be applied to movies with people of color rather than women. It includes two people of color, dialogue between them, and the subject has to be something other than a white person.

Most movies, however, fail to even include a person of color in their cast. Movies such as The Black Knight Rises, Prometheus, Ted, The Vow, Bridesmaids, Paranorman, Friends With Benefits, and the Green Hornet all do not even have a person of color as a character of the movie. Man on a Ledge has a person of color, but only has a single one so therefore fails the adapted version of the Bechdel Test. The only movie that passes the test is Fast Five, because it was multiple colored people in the movie that play a heavy role throughout. This shows me that the minority of people of color is often underrepresented by mainstream movies.

It relates to New Yorker writer Anna Holmes because she tells of the story of how society has an ill on people of color. It associates that people of color do not represent innocence or cuteness and only represented badly. This advocates that people of color are often associated with bad news and negative views, and that people have a different outlook when dealing with people of color.

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blog post #2 pictures


Food from supermarket

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Blog Post #2

Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor discuss about the social issues of disability and how society views things that appear to be out of the norm. I decided to conduct an experiment where I would go through a period of 24 hours using crutches and to pretend that my right leg was broken. I had to go through the course of my day hopping around the neighborhood. Throughout my day, I had tried to remain independent and to rely on myself. However, I learn later that I can never be truly independent while I am disabled.

I had decided that I needed to go to the local supermarket in order to buy ingredients for the night’s dinner with my younger sister. Because my right leg was considered disabled now, I could no longer rely on my regular mode of transportation. I proceeded to walk to the market. I decided that I would not need any help getting there from my sister. But I quickly learned that walking using the aid of crutches can quickly drain one’s stamina away, especially on such a hot day. Swallowing my pride, I asked my sister to help me walk there with her. While on the way there, I had noticed that I could not simply jump off the curb onto the street. But I had to go down the walkways that were specifically designed for aiding the disabled and bike riders. I realized that disabled people had a lot of inconveniences. However, with the recent laws requiring public places to be wheelchair accessible and for more handrails to guide the disabled, more and more disabled people will start to gather around such facilities. Then, because of the copious amounts of disabled, people will start to socially accept them.

Within the supermarket, I decided that I would try to map out the store without the aid of crutches. I proceeded by hopping on one foot up and down the aisles, scanning for merchandise to purchase. As I trek on one foot, I can feel the abundance of stares directed at me. People were looking away and tried to alienate me. Even my own sister decided to disassociate herself from me to hide from the embarrassment. I could sense a feeling of discomfort because I was doing something that was outside of the normal methods of doing an extremely normal action. Somewhere along the way, as I was carrying a box of cereal, I had somehow tripped over onto the ground, dropping the box of cereal. People in the surrounding didn’t dare to help me out because they did not want to be associated with me in any way. But when they noticed my fake cast, they concluded that I was disabled and rushed towards me to help. When I later equipped my crutches back on, I would often use the end of the crutch as a sort of extended arm. I would use to push a bag of chips into my cart. People stared and chuckled to themselves. With the standards of everyday life being normalized by the surrounding neighborhoods, discomfort arises when something unusual that doesn’t conform with the standard way of living decides to appear in other people’s lives. They regard you as being different and will isolate themselves from you because trying to understand someone that lives a different life than you can be difficult.

This makes people rethink their looks upon the human body, “what can the body do?” When you rethink this, you have to consider about the special capacities that one body can hold. It also has a determined set of actions that one can perform. However, it is not based upon the idea of what a body should look like or how they move like. When looking at gender attributes and other qualities of the body that could be all different, one notices that those that do not conform with the standard of society are often ostracized and and could even lead to physical violence. I learned through this new experience that even though some people look different and act differently than normal people do, that we should all treasure them because they are the unique and special part of the community and interdependence.

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Scavenger Hunt photos!

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Blog Post #1

Elsa Maxwell is known today as the creator of the scavenger hunt, where one must work together with others in order to find a list of objects. I think Elsa invented this game as a way to break the barrier between the social classes within the hierarchy and to provide a fun source of entertainment at the parties that she regularly hosted. The game’s purpose was to provide entertainment, communicate with one’s new companions who are all striving towards the same goal, and to further demonstrate the similarities within the classes. The game requires the participants to be creative, to think outside the box. The game forces the teams to collaborate with each others creativity in order to fulfill the requirements quicker.

Although there are plenty of social discrimination during the 20th century, Maxwell’s game required people to disregard their statuses in order to work efficiently.She offered them situations in which they were forced to work with each other or risk losing the game. Her solutions to the social division was to forcefully group members of different backgrounds and personality. This way they would have to collaborate with one another. However, this could also backfire on her. Because she was grouping different people outside of their will, some folks might not be willing to cooperate with others of different economic backgrounds. This could further separate the divisions apart from one another because one class most likely wouldn’t want to associate with the other class.

Jane McGonigal, video game designer and theorist, has this insane idea that playing games in general will benefit today’s society. I do agree, however, that the scavenger hunt can bring one close to other people of different preferences. But, McGonigal is requesting that one spends even MORE time playing games that one does now in modern society. She argues that if one spent more time on playing video games, that they will develop team building skills and motor skills. She is saying that if we were to transfer the mentality we have while playing video games towards real life, then we would be able to solve all of the present day issues. However, trying to beat a boss on World of Warcraft is completely different that trying to win a war in a separate country. I think that as a society, we should try to limit ourselves from playing too much video games because whats the use of an adolescent sitting in front of his computer playing World of Warcraft, wasting his time, money, and energy. He could be playing a sport, which develops the same kind of team building and trust within their teammates just like video games. The people that play online video games cannot just stay on their computers their whole lives. They will have to face reality someday. I hope that they will realize that they could be doing so many things that would benefit him, the people around him, and today’s society during the time that he was playing online video games.

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